The Napkin Art of Tim Burton: Things you think about in a bar


“Author/artist/filmmaker Tim Burton shares his wildest scribbles in this nifty gift book.” – Parade

“A must-have gem!” – Bloody Disgusting

“Full of those inimitable Burton designs, only in a massively more informal setting, it's like a direct tap into the mad genius's subconscious.” – JoBlo Movie Network

“Countless fans know Tim Burton from his impressive work behind the camera, but his rich imagination isn't confined to movie sets, as evidenced by The Napkin Art of Tim Burton: Things You Think About in a Bar.” – Daily Dead


This mini companion to the award winning The Art of Tim Burton provides a glimpse into the mind of a man who spends much of his life on the road.  Often finding himself in random surroundings, Burton conveys thoughts, ideas and memories with simple sketches on the most convenient surface available –  a napkin.


Artwork by: Tim Burton, Design & Editing by: Holly Kempf, Co-editing by: Leah Gallo 

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